The Rules Of Craps

The principle of craps is to bet on the combinations that will come out after the launch of the dice. The game is made with two six-sided dice. These dice are rolled by a player called a pitcher. Each player will have the opportunity to become the pitcher once their turn has arrived. Let’s make life easier: online, you will always have to launch!

A Game Of Craps Is Generally Divided Into Two Phases:

  • 1st phase: take stock
  • 2nd phase: redo the point

There are also situations where the game remains in the first phase. The launcher changes, his turn is ending there.

It is the thrower who starts the bets: either he bets on “Pass,” or on “Do not pass.” The other players then bet on the square (s) of their choice. After the bets have been placed, the pitcher performs the first roll of the game, called the “Come-out-roll. “ To do this, he rolls the dice one by one strong enough for them to bounce on the opposite edge of the table in front of him.

Course Of A Game Of Craps

At The End Of The Come-Out-Roll, Three Cases Can Arise:

  • “Pass” means that at the end of its first throw, the pitcher rolls a 7 (also called a natural) or an 11 (called a pass). The players who bet on it win, those who bet on “Do not pass” lose their bets.
  • “Do not pass” means that the Come-out-roll ends in craps: a 2, a 3, or 12. The players who bet on it win and those who bet on “Pass” lose.
  • The point is made: it means that the dice have rolled a completely different number, other than 7, 11, 2, 3, or 12. In other words, if the result of the first roll of dice is a 4, a 5, a 6, an 8, a 9 or a 10, the point will be made. This number will be the point value.

When the point is made, the game advances to its second phase, and all bets made on “Pass” or “Do not pass” are suspended. It becomes impossible to remove and modify them. The other bets are still changeable (adding or removing chips).

In the second phase, the same player rolls the dice again and tries to redo the point. The contents of the “Pass” and “Do not pass” bets also change:

  • Pass: the thrower redoes the point value with the dice before the 7 appears.
  • Do not pass: the 7 leaves before the launcher can redo the point.

As long as the point or the 7 does not appear, the same player will roll and roll the dice again.

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